Course 3.2 – Financial Management

Brain Digits · May 18, 2023

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Management

  • Lesson 1: The Role of Financial Management in Business
  • Lesson 2: Key Financial Management Principles
  • Lesson 3: Personal Financial Literacy
  • Activity: Reflect on how financial management principles apply to your business

Module 2: Understanding Financial Statements

  • Lesson 1: Reading and Interpreting Balance Sheets
  • Lesson 2: Profits, Losses, and Cash Flows
  • Activity: Analyze a set of financial statements from a case study business

Module 3: Budgeting and Financial Planning

  • Lesson 1: The Importance of Budgeting in Business
  • Lesson 2: Long-Term Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • Activity: Create a simple budget for a hypothetical business scenario

Module 4: Managing Business Finances

  • Lesson 1: Cash Flow Management
  • Lesson 2: Profitability Management
  • Activity: Develop a cash flow improvement plan for a case study business

Module 5: Financing Your Business

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Different Types of Business Financing
  • Lesson 2: Raising Capital for Your Business
  • Activity: Prepare a mini business plan suitable for a financing pitch

Module 6: Financial Risk Management

  • Lesson 1: Identifying and Managing Financial Risks
  • Lesson 2: The Role of Insurance in Risk Management

Module 7: Course Recap and Financial Management Tools

  • Lesson 1: Course Insights Synthesis
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Financial Management Software
  • Activity: Identify potential financial risks for your business and propose mitigation strategies
  • Activity: Reflective essay on how the participant will apply the course knowledge to their financial strategy

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